Pilot Testimonials

I don’t even have a SPL and I own your PPL Manual. I call it my Fly-Bible ~ Smittiefish

I still have my copy of “Pass Your PPL” I also have the “Flight Tests” by Jim. Nothing Compares ~ Selfloader

It explains complicated and abstract matters in a simple way, without oversimplifying it. That is the mark of a true teacher ~ Rudolph Scharneck

I enjoyed Jim’s book so much it gave me the confidence to tackle my PPL at a late stage in life! Thanks Jim for spurning me to fulfill my dream! ~ PJL

I found it insightful, professionally illustrated and to the point!! ~ Morphius

Jim is indeed a legend in his own life-time, and I only regret not going to his flying school ~ Mark Fouiche

Doing my PPL renewal today and have had my nose in both “Flight Tests” as well as the “PPL” for the last couple of days. Thanks Jim ~ Lood

..thanks Oom Jim ~ Laeveld Louis

I LOVE well illustrated books with interesting page layouts and diagrams, WHAT AN INCREDIBLE BOOK! I bought it last week, and have not been able to put it down since! Awesome diagrams and illustrations, ‘want-to-read’ page layouts, relaxed style, priceless words of wisdom and great anecdotal stories. Thank you Jim Davis . . . you are indeed a legend! Now THIS is my kinda book ~ John.com

‪Jim Davis PPL is the best out there . . . BY FAR! Thank you again for your great service to the flying community. ~ John.com

I read as much of Jim’s writings as I can. There is always something to be learned. In a local flying mag my first read is always Jim’s articles. ~ Insane

Yes, the best book for PPL knowledge ~ Guy Leitch – Editor SA Flyer

I bought two sets of PPL books, the other lot largely remain unopened. The illustrations backed up by simple and concise explanations did it for me – thanks Jim ~ Dobbs

Well done Jim…you have helped countless people achieve their flying dreams ~ Darrell Lush

I’m really enjoying it, reading it like a novel. I can’t put it down. Thanks Uncle Jim ~ Carl van Ludwig

Jim is a master instructor – period ~ Brand Vessels

I always advise students to get Jim’s book. It’s also a worthwhile reference for ANY pilot ~ Bob K

You have probably kept many many people alive with your excellent writing. You are “that little voice” that keeps us out of trouble. Thank you Uncle Jim! ~ Blade Runner

It’s a great read, and I still use “Flight Tests” for student, PPL and Com flight reviews – even in the US and Canada. Nice one Jim… ~ Apollo11

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