A Practical Book About Flying Safely

This is a practical, no-nonsense book for everyone who loves flying. It teaches you to make smart decisions in the cockpit so you become a good, safe pilot – regardless of your hours.

It takes the sweat out of swotting. Preparing for your exams is easy and it’s fun. It covers all the subjects; Navigation, Meteorology, Principles of Flight, Radio, etc. There are 500 full colour pages with simple explanations, true life stories, every-day examples, test papers and superb diagrams.

It also describes all the flying exercises from pre-flights to precautionaries and from stalls to sideslipping.


This is a small book – only 59 pages. It takes each exercise of the flight test and tells you exactly what to do, what to say, and what to look out for. You will get the testing officer on your side – even before you leave the ground.

Do what the book says and YOU WILL PASS your flight test – first time.
Jim Davis has been training and testing pilots for more than 40 years So he knows precisely what the testing officer is looking for in each exercise.

It feels great to go for your test with no butterflies, because you are confident of passing easily.

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Flying in Africa – True Stories Vol 1

This is a delightfully entertaining book. It’s a series of true stories about the colourful people and a whole variety of aeroplanes that have made flying in Africa such fun for its author.

There is plenty of humour, and a lot to be learned for anyone remotely interested in flying.

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Flying in Africa – True Stories Vol 2

Jim writes about flying experiences in South Africa and neighbouring countries when flying was far less regulated.

Many hair-raising adventures are described in the masterful story-telling matter-of-fact way that is unique to Jim.

Easy to read, these stories are guaranteed to amuse, shock and delight you.

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